Material Recycling

                                                       Most of the items we use, can widely be recycled however, the process is not always that simple. see below.

                                                                               We are only a miniscule cog in this but at least we are trying ! 

                                                                                   You will be helping by buying our products so thank you.


Operators carry out a range of functions, often including several of the following activities, with smaller operators supplying partially or fully processed metals to larger operators and traders:

  • Collection, weighing, sorting and distribution of metals: dealing with a wide range of suppliers, including engineering industries; small traders, such as plumbers or vehicle dismantlers; local authority collection sites; and householders disposing of domestic appliances.
  • Shearing – reducing the size of large pieces of metal by cutting
  • Baling/compacting – to improve ease of handling and transportation
  • Shredding – reducing feedstock to fist-sized lumps; and separating metals from other materials using magnets and air classification methods. A large shredder can process a car in less than ten seconds.
  • Media separation – further separation of any remaining non ferrous metals using liquid density and hand or mechanical sorting methods
  • International metals trading – moving metals around the world

Most of the bales are shipped abroard, made into new metal sheets and sent back to us in the UK either as goods or new sheet stock.


We have been in the building industry for over 40 years and we have lots of builder friends who collect suitable materials for us. These would normally go onto the construction site skip. They should get recycled but like metal the process is fairly complex - nail removal sorting etc...